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Painted Lady Butterfly on a flower

Vanessa cardui is a well-known colorful butterfly, known as the painted lady, or in North America as the cosmopolitan. This butterfly has a strange habit of flying in a sort of screw shape.

The love of my life

It’s a dream come true for me to be with the women a dreamed about, prayed about and I’m so glad she loves me.

A Leaf with Heart

Today, while returning from lunch to my vehicle from a local restaurant in Shawnee, Oklahoma I observed this leaf on the parking lot. It couldn’t have came at a better time.  I was really...

Most realistic frog

This is by far the most realistic frog I’ve even drawn.  It’s all from memory of a frog that my niece Asia had a statue of in her apartment.

Monarch Butterfly at the Oklahoma City Zoo

I captured this monarch butterfly in the butterfly garden location at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Squirrel at Tecumseh Lake

I captured this Squirrel at Tecumseh Lake he was just hanging out enjoying what I was doing.

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